It's not what we do, it's why we do it


So I wrote a book. It’s been almost two months that I published and haven’t recorded anything here since.

The feedback is great, and I love it when people who have read it, speak to me about my characters as if they are real. When people talk about my characters, it brings those words that I spewed from my imagination, to life.

That satisfies me. I never dreamed of being some HUGE writer making some HUGE bucks. But I have always wondered what it would be like to have your fictitious story cause reactions and even sometimes, some emotions.

I want to thank all that purchased my book, read it and gave me feedback. I also want to thank the people who have shared it with their friends and family and got it out there. Then there are the ones who went the extra mile trying to set me up with connections.

Through your shares and word of mouth, I did get contacted by a random entity. Nothing huge, but it’s further than I thought with self-publishing. But they have to accept it . . . so I won’t get into details. (Hey I like to write. I have to leave cliff hangers).

Anyways, so far, this has been fulfilling. Sequel will be coming.

This is my blog, so I won’t feel guilty by saying:




This is my last entry before I publish on Sunday. I want to thank everyone for their unexpected support of my little project. Family, old friends, new friends, present friends, strangers . . . all came out of the woodwork to acknowledge my project and I have also heard some very nice words.

When I first started writing this book, it was supposed to be just something that when I finished, I would put in a binder and bury in a drawer. No one was really supposed to see it, it was just going to be for my eyes, and maybe Lori’s.

In August of 2015, when I finally wrote the last word in the manuscript, completing the first draft, something came over me and I didn’t want the journey to stop there. So, I started this blog, announcing to everyone I know, that I wrote a book and intended to publish it. My secret love for writing, I made public.

It was really easy to do at the time, seeing as it was a long road before I reached the point of actually publishing it. Now that I’m about a day or two away from publishing and thus sharing my work, it’s very scary . . . because it is now real. What have I done??

Well I guess you can say I made myself accountable with many, many witnesses, and I have no choice but to follow through and share the book. Otherwise it would be a cop out on my part.

What’s just one book? I have joined many writing communities online and such, and some of these indie writers publish a book every six months. It’s nothing for them anymore. But to me, it’s a big deal.

There are a couple reasons why it’s a big deal for me. For one, and to get a little personal, when I think back on a lot of things I have done in my life, there have been so many times I have started things and never finished them. I would be motivated to do something, or get further in something and then just quit. I came to the realization that I have never really finished anything that I’ve started. That is one of the things that really pushed me to pound out every, last word in this novel.

Then there was another reason. When I wrote this, the fictitious city, the fictitious characters all became my escape. I became those characters as I tried my best to write their story. And when I held the hardcopy of my book in my hand for the first time, I didn’t see a book about a bunch of people doing a bunch of stuff. I saw my last two years. To get a little personal again, when I actively started writing this book, I was going through some dark times. Then those times faded and when I dove even deeper into the book, I went through very good times. I looked back on that rollercoaster ride, which was life, and my one constant was that little escape I had when I sat in front of the computer and mentally threw up a bunch of words on my computer screen.

Anyways enough about that.

I had a conversation with a friend today, who told me that he knew someone that could possibly help me get my book in a major store. He never read my book. My response to that was that this was nothing more than a bucket list thing for me (that isn’t stopping at this one book). I’m not trying to fool anyone by saying I’m some marvelous writer that’s going to rise to the top. I told him my writing is not even close to being in par with writers who sell their books in major stores. He’s a good friend because he didn’t doubt that I could possibly be that good and it felt good to know that he thought I potentially could be.  (Thanks buddy).

That brings me to another fear of mine. By publishing it and printing it, it comes at a price, literally. I have to ask people to pay money to read about a story that came from my imagination. Some will say, that’s not a big deal. I say it is. Because with that, I am given a responsibility to entertain whomever reads it. I can’t say I have ever been in that position before. It stresses me out a little bit, to be completely honest.

What’s the point of this post? Dunno. Maybe to let you know I’m scared . . . haha.

Anyways, that’s it for now. January 22, 2017. My DOB is also my DOP (date of publishing). And you can find the link to purchase it on that date here

Now excuse me while I sit back and collect my tens of dollars, haha. I always said it wasn’t about making money, it was 100% about writing a book.

It’s not what we do, it’s why we do it.




I can see the end of the journey!

The editing is pretty much done. Now all I have to do is format it, and do one last DEEP proofread to make sure every “T” is crossed and “I” is dotted.

If this was a project that was intended to be a money making thing, I’d probably pay someone to do the final proofread, but again, this is not about that. It’s about getting that hard copy in hand.

So what’s left after that? Well I have most of it formatted, because I have been doing that gradually as I got the edited work back. I need to finalize the cover, which my wonderful wife has given me for Christmas. So I will have that done in the next two weeks or so.

Once it’s proofread, fully formatted (for print) and I have the cover finalized, I will still have to format it for Kindle . . . which is a little different than print. But right now I am focusing on the print version first.

I am pretty excited about all this.

The very last thing that I didn’t mention above that is left is hitting that PUBLISH button. The date I actually do that is actually a legal step that makes it officially published. Since the end is most likely in the month of January and that is the month I will hit that button, I thought, why not make the official publication date, January 22, 2017…my birthday. That would  be fitting. We’ll see if I can wait that long.





Fifteen thousand words to go (give or take).

It has been a very long time since I have made an entry here. I guess the fact that this has taken longer than I originally expected, I just haven’t had much to update in this journey. That combined with a few discouraging factors and some obstacles, caused me to lose some motivation.

Through this editing process and while I have been playing the waiting game, I have taken on my second project. I’m about forty thousand words into the first draft of the ROMA sequel. So by the time this is done I will probably be done the first draft of my second book.

I really love writing stories. I always knew I would, but I never knew just how fulfilling it really is. I get it, I’m not the best writer in the world. But I think I can think up some decent stories and at the end of the day I originally set out to do this for myself. It is a great hobby, that I am anxiously looking forward to sharing with you.

Anyways, there is only about 15k of words left to be edited and then after that is the part I’m dreading . . . formatting it. That is one part I know I won’t love. There is no fun in formatting. But it has to be done.

I can’t wait to hold a hard copy. Anyways that’s it for now.


Delays…and more…um…delays

I really thought by next month this would be done. Sometimes life throws a few things at you and make’s some goals not possible.

I could put out the partially edited version, and let the rest be less than stellar as far as edits go. But I can’t bring myself to do that.

Let me make one thing known. It’s not some spectacular writing or stellar story. It’s just a goal I had. It’s not a money making thing, it’s a spending thing with negative equity.

Well not negative equity. The day I hold the hard copy . . . that will be the day I profit.

Because of a career change however, I have put a period indefinitely on editing my second half . . . I was so close, oh well.

Completely discouraged. It will be done though.




So here is the cover for my book. Whatcha think?

It might change a bit. But I chose this as it has been the face of this blog since I started it.

The editing process is slow, and I fear that my summer projection still might be too soon. I’m not certain yet. The fun part is over, I can say that much. I don’t like the editing process at all.

Anyways, this entry is short and sweet, because I just wanted to show the cover…It could change, but I doubt it.





Did I really have to print out all 298 pages of the last draft that I have worked on before editing? Nope. But I did.

There is nothing like holding these pages in my hand that I put so much time into for over a year. I always wanted to do it, and I did it… So yes I took out a tree in the process. Don’t judge me. I’ll hug a couple in this trees honour.

I am waiting for the first part of my work to be returned to me from the editor. I am pretty excited about that. It is only the first 4000 words that I am expecting. But I have to do it in chunks.

I filled these pages the best I could. And the only benefits I am looking to reap from it, is that the story is read. I know if it is read, it will most likely be the E-Book. But what would make me proud is if people would obtain the physical hard copy when it’s done. Not because I’m looking to make a bunch of money or anything like that.  It’s just a satisfying thought that my book, with my name sits on someone’s bookshelf, even if it’s collecting dust. I will then still say, my job was done.

Also looking forward to seeing where the sequel leads me.

That’s it for now.


The Editing Process

I have filled every hole in the story, added every chapter or piece that I can, in order to complete it. I have done everything I could think of and that I am capable of doing on my own.

Now I’ve brought in the reinforcements. A pro to critique, edit and pick apart my words and my story.

It sounds all good, but a little unsettling. I never claimed to be an experienced or an over exceptional writer. So when you expose yourself to that vulnerability for the first time, it’s nerve racking…It’s SCARY.

But what she returns, I will learn from and use when I write my next piece.

Speaking of the next piece, it’s in the works. I’ve already started it.

For financial reasons and my editors time restraints, I am only going to be sending her chunks every couple weeks. It works best that way for multiple reasons.

That draft to me is done until I get what she returns to me. Besides that, I’m not going to look at the book anymore.

So what I am doing with the my free time? (the time I used to use to write this draft)… I am writing the sequel.

It’s hard because I don’t know what needs to be the major accomplishment or goal in the story. I don’t need to know the story… just the point of the story. That’s how The Roma Seven started in the first place.

I wrote half a chapter of the sequel and I like how it plants seeds in my head, just after writing two sentences. I did however write and delete, write and delete..etc… Now I got a starting point.

I can’t wait to hold a hard copy of my (first) book in my hands that says…

The Roma Seven

Richard L. Ross





The Final Draft

It was funny that a couple months ago I thought that I would have this book done by the end of this year. I was way off on that one.

I am on the last quarter of my third draft and while that will probably take me another 2 – 3 weeks, it will still be far from over.

I have found the person I am going to be working with on the next step. The next step being the final draft. This individual will professionally edit and critique the last piece I am writing on my own.

I am really excited about how she is going to help me transform some of the weak points in my story and clean up some of the crap that I don’t even realize is there yet.

The editing process I estimate is going to be about five months.

After some other loose ends that will need to be tied up after the final draft is done, it looks like I will only be completed in July. Oh well, only 6 or 7 months past my original projected deadline.

I rather not rush with deadlines anyway. I rather quality.  But at the same time, if I can move up my projected completion, I will find ways to do it.


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