Treading through the darkness, that is me

Learning to breath and unable to see

The treacherous road, on a lamp lit street

Flickering lights, burning out, ignoring my plea

The Devil whispers in your ear

But you’re oblivious and you don’t hear

The demons crawl, on my every command

You see them as angels, as you see me a man

An illusion, a deception, was my intent

Becoming the deception, is gone and far spent

I did try hard, to be something I’m not

To find that child, that was so easily forgot

Don’t have faith, and don’t have hope

More lives than a cat, and a skull of a goat

Don’t mourn me; there’s one place I exist

When I appear as a father, through the oil-fueled mist.

Richard L. Ross

Copyright © 2016 Richard L. Ross
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