I really thought I would be much further along in this process by now. I just completed my second draft. Problem is I didn’t take the story as far as I wanted to take it. I didn’t fill in all the holes I wanted to fill in.

Part of the problem was that I made a decision to structure this a lot different then the original version. I only made that decision three quarters through the second draft. So as a result I rushed to the end.

One major change is the fact I made the decision to change the whole thing in to past tense. This was one of the major things that I battled with from the beginning. It will be A LOT of work to make all the appropriate changes. It will be a lot longer than anticipated until I reach a finished product.

I am also literally rewriting the whole thing. I think that might make it easier to fill in a lot of the gaps.

I want to finish the third draft before mid November. At that point I would like to get a beta read from someone who is decent before I send it for a final edit.

Anyways back to writing.