The ROMA Seven isn’t the only story that occupies my mind. A lot of the time I break away and write other things just to get my creative juices flowing.

One day, when I’m finished with ROMA, I have another project on the horizon. I haven’t even released the ROMA book yet, so it sounds like I’m jumping ahead . . . but I’m not. There are always other ideas, that lead to future projects.

Meet the man who will be the center of this next project . . . Zhubin Brinx.


My name is Zhubin Brinx. It would be detrimental for me to let you inside of my mind. Actually let me rephrase that. It would be detrimental for you, if I was to pull you into the web of my sinister needs. It seems that even the purest human beings on our earth are all fascinated with what you label as evil. Everyone has a dark fantasy about evil, but only from the outside looking in. I am the in. You hate me, yet you seek the horrific stories beings like me live out every day, by reading your news articles or “googling” it on your computers.

Married people for example, enjoy living vicariously through the lives of their single, dating friends. Every time you open that page in the newspaper or on the internet, and read the morbid truths that happen in this world of ours, while you are snuggled safely in your bed at night, you are living vicariously through my life. Does that make your existence better than mine?

I didn’t choose this life I lead, my friend. I fulfill my needs, not my wants. I sound like a modern day vampire. Strangely enough I am similar to what you read in books. The blood thirsty creatures of the night that seek out the blood of the innocent. Vampires are real. Just not to the extent that the stories tell you. The vampires you see in the movies or comic books, are fictitious; but I assure you they do exist among us. The real monsters, that blend in and strike from the blind side, are a lot more ferocious than what a writer’s imagination scribbles on a piece of paper. I am one of them; one of these monsters.

Don’t worry. My story isn’t a far-fetched fairy tale as you may anticipate that it might be. I am a person. I’m not undead, nor do I have exaggerated canine teeth that extend past my lips. I have my mind and my hands, those are the only tools I need. My heart beats blood. My stomach hungers for delectable rare steak and potato dinners, just like you. My wife does the marinating, while I do the barbequing. Same as you, right? Maybe not . . . who knows?

There is one big difference between most people, such as yourself, and beings like me. I take great joy in inflicting torturous deaths on people who probably don’t deserve it; don’t deserve it in the eye of society, anyways. Furthermore, I don’t care if they are women or children. I don’t care if they are helplessly old or have the strength of an ox. I am a hunter. You are my prey.







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