This is a poem I wrote years and years ago. When I was a teenager…

Now I give its rights to my main character – Christian Xavier Solomon  (AKA Chinny)… This is him in a nutshell, so to speak.


Blinded from reality
Shivers up my spine
Hate enters my heart
Anger enters my mind

Darkness surrounds my body
Darkness seals me in
There’s no way to break the seal
There’s no way to win

I turn away from God
I commit a mortal sin
The only thing I see in the darkness
Is Satan with an evil grin

I struggle to break the seal
I struggle to get out
Finally my last hope
Turns to my first doubt

Depression is what’s killing me
With its brutal force
The only feeling I have now
Is the feeling of remorse

People try to talk to me
But I lock everything within
I still see a little light
But it’s getting very dim

I lie here stiff and helpless
Any hope I had is gone
I glance up to the dim light
But the dim light is no longer on

Now there’s no escape
The closest thing to hell
Is to live in the blackness
Of the dark shell

-Richard L.Ross-

Copyright © 2016 Richard L. Ross
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