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January 2016



Did I really have to print out all 298 pages of the last draft that I have worked on before editing? Nope. But I did.

There is nothing like holding these pages in my hand that I put so much time into for over a year. I always wanted to do it, and I did it… So yes I took out a tree in the process. Don’t judge me. I’ll hug a couple in this trees honour.

I am waiting for the first part of my work to be returned to me from the editor. I am pretty excited about that. It is only the first 4000 words that I am expecting. But I have to do it in chunks.

I filled these pages the best I could. And the only benefits I am looking to reap from it, is that the story is read. I know if it is read, it will most likely be the E-Book. But what would make me proud is if people would obtain the physical hard copy when it’s done. Not because I’m looking to make a bunch of money or anything like that.  It’s just a satisfying thought that my book, with my name sits on someone’s bookshelf, even if it’s collecting dust. I will then still say, my job was done.

Also looking forward to seeing where the sequel leads me.

That’s it for now.


The Editing Process

I have filled every hole in the story, added every chapter or piece that I can, in order to complete it. I have done everything I could think of and that I am capable of doing on my own.

Now I’ve brought in the reinforcements. A pro to critique, edit and pick apart my words and my story.

It sounds all good, but a little unsettling. I never claimed to be an experienced or an over exceptional writer. So when you expose yourself to that vulnerability for the first time, it’s nerve racking…It’s SCARY.

But what she returns, I will learn from and use when I write my next piece.

Speaking of the next piece, it’s in the works. I’ve already started it.

For financial reasons and my editors time restraints, I am only going to be sending her chunks every couple weeks. It works best that way for multiple reasons.

That draft to me is done until I get what she returns to me. Besides that, I’m not going to look at the book anymore.

So what I am doing with the my free time? (the time I used to use to write this draft)… I am writing the sequel.

It’s hard because I don’t know what needs to be the major accomplishment or goal in the story. I don’t need to know the story… just the point of the story. That’s how The Roma Seven started in the first place.

I wrote half a chapter of the sequel and I like how it plants seeds in my head, just after writing two sentences. I did however write and delete, write and delete..etc… Now I got a starting point.

I can’t wait to hold a hard copy of my (first) book in my hands that says…

The Roma Seven

Richard L. Ross





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