So I wrote a book. It’s been almost two months that I published and haven’t recorded anything here since.

The feedback is great, and I love it when people who have read it, speak to me about my characters as if they are real. When people talk about my characters, it brings those words that I spewed from my imagination, to life.

That satisfies me. I never dreamed of being some HUGE writer making some HUGE bucks. But I have always wondered what it would be like to have your fictitious story cause reactions and even sometimes, some emotions.

I want to thank all that purchased my book, read it and gave me feedback. I also want to thank the people who have shared it with their friends and family and got it out there. Then there are the ones who went the extra mile trying to set me up with connections.

Through your shares and word of mouth, I did get contacted by a random entity. Nothing huge, but it’s further than I thought with self-publishing. But they have to accept it . . . so I won’t get into details. (Hey I like to write. I have to leave cliff hangers).

Anyways, so far, this has been fulfilling. Sequel will be coming.

This is my blog, so I won’t feel guilty by saying: