Since I was a kid I always liked to write. It was never something a lot of people knew. Back then though, it was mainly poetry and maybe a few very short little stories.

It was probably around 15 years ago that I decided that I was going to write a screenplay. Just for fun. I got books on how to write this and that. I used the internet for researching the how to’s.

Outline, outline, outline! Know your characters! Write their bio’s!

This is what I learned. From that screenplay to every novel I attempted writing this is what I would do. Learn different techniques to outline the damn book. Guess what? I only ever started and quit at the outline.

The time I spent on these stupid outlines, I could have been writing actual chapters.

Then in 2012, when I came up with “THE ROMA SEVEN”. I said screw the outlines, I’m just going to start putting the words on the paper and let the story take a life of it’s own. It was working as I pounded out two or three chapters. Then for some reason I quit. But it always stayed in my head.

I still had those pages, so this past February, I continued almost everyday. As of August 13, 2015, I have spewed out a full story. FINALLY!

As I dive into the second draft, there is a ton of work to do. Once I clean up Chapter 1 a little bit, I will post it as a preview on here. It will still be considered a rough draft however, so bear with me.