I have written my story in a third person present tense. I have posted some things on writers forums that I needed critique on.

These writer dudes are heartless and will rip your shit apart. But the only commonality, that put a spoke in my wheel and paused my process…was the fact that they always questioned my third person present. They said why? Do it past tense, unless there was a reason.

I took that in. Everyone’s norm is past tense.

I battled with that, to the point it stopped me from going forward.

At the end of the day, I stayed with my gut. I said, screw you to the norm. I am keeping present tense, cause that isn’t the norm.

With all that being said. I would love to go back in time. Visit my old high school teachers, be it… what’s his name? Wyatt?… Or that one with the big …um…eyes. And say, I spend my Friday and Saturday nights arguing with myself about what tense I should be in. If only I could have that convo…haha…bet I wouldn’t have been kicked out of class that much ..huh.. huh .. huh..

Just kidding… I would have still been kicked outta class.. not fooling anyone.

End of the day though, any avid readers out there that have a strong opinion on tense? I’m curious.


I’m also curious if anyone reads anymore.