The thing about writing. As the writer you feel the emotion of your character(s). You own that; as if they are actually real people. It consumes you. Portraying that is such a challenge. How do you make others feel that? People don’t see what you see or feel what you feel. The art is to intertwine your emotion with the readers.

Honestly, I am not sure I’m that good. Maybe if I wrote a ton of stories I would be. I get engrossed, but how do I get a reader engrossed!

I spoke about writers block some time back. I spoke about listening to tunes and bla bla bla.

Every time I have ever had a hard time writing I listened to this one artist. Some of his music spoke volumes to me. By listening to his music it made me write.

I was so emotionally involved with what I was writing that I went to the extent to personally message him. That is out of my character. Famous people are just famous and I read their random shit on whatever you read it on.

But this one guy got me through some major obstacles because I listened to his music when I was struggling.

What made this dude awesome, was that he responded. I said thank you for what you do to get me through this process. And he personally responded. That’s real.


I’m far from done.