Putting 85,000 words together for the first time, is something I am proud of.

“First time,” is the keywords there.

I am brand new to this. My grammar sucks, my word choices are sometimes  limited and a thesaurus becomes my bible. BUT I think I do have a story to tell, and all that other stuff can be fixed by a professional.

One of the steps in this process, is throwing some of the work in front of people. Friends and family being one. But the real hard task is throwing yourself to the wolves. Putting your work in front of the eyes of strangers, who are established writers. People who have been doing this for years, AND putting it in front of them publicly mind you. Then getting critiques publicly, which anyone can see. That is a really hard thing to do; but I do it.

It is always helpful, but honestly, it is sometimes discouraging. I’ve always been kind of oversensitive, so this does effect me when I see something that I felt I wrote very well, get ripped apart. But I need to deal with that and expect that. In a twisted sense I need that.

So I will continue throwing myself to the wolves.

When this is done I will self-publish it to Kindle and Create a space and the like. And if anyone gets a copy, I will have to deal with the reviews. So these critiques I subject myself to, is my training ground to thicken my skin.

All that being said, these people who do the critiques on my samples, are WRITERS. They are very technical. And at the end of the day, some of the stuff that they point out, a reader (who doesn’t write) probably won’t notice some of these things.

Maybe I should join a readers forum, and ask if they would critique some of my work.

Anyways, I don’t know who, if anyone reads this rambling. But I am growing to like this idea, and having a place to express what’s in my head, that doesn’t just stay in my head.