Whether it’s the first draft or second draft, it doesn’t matter.

I always hit some sort of blocks. I have surpassed these blocks by doing a couple different things. Sometimes I walk away for a couple days from writing all together. Sometimes I walk away, but not from writing. I might just write a random scene that has nothing to do with anything. Or sometimes I play a song that relates to my character(s) or the story in general. It really helps.

As for the writing about random things, I’ve done that many times. I want to share one. Keep in mind the quality of writing might not be there, but it’s a part of this journey of mine, which this blog is about. So here’s the link…. It is a couple scenes that may not make sense. But it it is just an exercise.  http://romavii.com/wil-foley/

Then there is the whole music thing. Which I will have plenty more than this one, that I already have here, but here’s the first one. http://romavii.com/greg-holden-lost-boy/     So good for the ROMA crew….